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A tragedy in two gifs.

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My laptop’s bright in the motel tonight
Not a weapon to be seen
A kingdom of hunting research,
And it looks like I’m the king.

My brother’s groaning as I push my bangs aside
Couldn’t keep it short, heaven knows I tried

Don’t let Dean in, don’t let him see
Throw away the scissors and be free
Conceal and steal, don’t let Dean know
Where his scissors go

Let it grow, let it grow
Can’t hold it back anymore
Let it grow, let it grow
I will never lose this war

I don’t care
What Dean’s going to say
Let my hair grow on,
The length never bothered me anyway

It’s funny how many years
I’ve let my hair grow long
And the words that once controlled it
Seem so horribly wrong

A ponytail, maybe a bun
Who knew my hair could be such fun
No right, no wrong, no rules for me
I’m free

Let it grow, let it grow
Until it flows back through the sky
Let it grow, let it grow
No matter how many times I die

I don’t care
What Dean’s going to say
Let my hair grow on,

Dean thinks it’s girly, but I just don’t think I care
Because he cries a lot so his insults are hardly fair
And when you live our life, you make the good things last
I’m never going back,
My short hair’s in the past

Let it grow, let it grow
I’ve got the freedom now to choose
Let it grow, let it grow
With my great hair, I can’t lose

Here I stand
Researching everyday
Let my hair grow on,
The length never bothered me anyway

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my brothers say that if this gets 500,000 notes i get to get out of the cage


goddammit we’re getting you out of hell ourselves 

if we get enough notes we need to take a screen shot and tweet it to the writers.


Even if you arent a supernatutal fan, favourite and reblog this for us.

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Here’s another!!


Here’s another!!

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My obsessions—24/∞         Mishalecki (Misha/Jared)

I really love how neither of them are much like the characters they play, they are both actually really goofy and funny and they get along (I wish there was more Sastiel) but they are so funny and crazy when they are together, Jensen is more tame compared to them (and I love it most when it is the three of them together) I also love the prank wars. How Jared always fucks with Misha on set, he loves sticking his foot on his balls, or how they had that thing with the coins. They are so damn awesome.

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A very important photo set about beards.

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Oh oh the feels.


Oh oh the feels.

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